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Wednesday, August 29,2012

Trailer for Compliance, a movie that explores obedience to authority

GM Lets Police Kill Engines of Stolen Cars

Twitter Fights Back to Protect ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protestor

Global Surveillance Monitor

Big Brother Inc.

NYT reporter leaked advance copy of Maureen Dowd column to CIA

In Tampa, a Citizen-Made Map Lets You Watch the Watchers

The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena

Couple caught on CCTV having sex in the street… and police control room worker downloads footage onto his mobile phone

Second accused LulzSec hacker arrested in Sony Pictures breach

Don’t Build a Database of Ruin

Could Target Sell Its ‘Pregnancy Prediction Score’?

Air Force Openly Seeking Cyber-Weapons

Forensic Test Can Determine Person’s Eye and Hair Color

UK Roadside cameras suffer from large gaps in coverage, police admit

Degrade, Disrupt, Deceive: U.S. Talks Openly About Hacking Foes

Body Scans, Junked? DHS, Darpa Look for New Airport Sensors


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